Freight Assistant offers powerful tools to distribute information flow and manage your customer relations including instant auto quotations, tools for processing requests and orders, downloading documents, sending auto follow-ups and bulk mails, and more.

Auto Quotation


Instant automatic quotations provide your prospective and current customers with useful information on the total cost of your service inclusive of all discounts, customs and insurance charges for the destination specified. This feature uses rates database and gives you an advantage of providing your customers with accurate data quickly and efficiently.

Rates Database


Freight Assistant Auto Quotation is based on the Rates Database, which is used to calculate transportation costs for the specific destination including all discounts, customs and insurance charges, and any additional costs. Rates DB allows you to provide users with instant and accurate information saving time and reducing possible mistakes. You may edit rates in the FA Rates and Transit section.

Mass Mailing


Mass Mailing is a strong feature to help you personalize bulk mail and send it to a targeted group of your customers for promotional and marketing purposes. With no need to use any additional customer email management software, this tool allows you to save your time and resources.
The process of creating mass mail is easy and involves several steps. Read more>>

Automatic Templates


Freight Assistant uses automatic templates for logistics and customer management related documentation such as Delivery List, Packing List and Bill of Loading. This handy feature ensures easy and continuous customer email management and allows you to send documents to the client, save and download them in the PDF format.

Auto Follow-Ups


Automatic Follow-Ups offer convenient and easy management of customer email relations. FA allows you to create templates and use them as automatic follow-ups for email communication with customers. This functional tool helps you to optimize your time resources and work load.