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Freight Assistant is a specialized CRM (Customer Relations Management) application designed for freight industry. It integrates with your website and automates shipping process reducing operational costs and time. Our application can be customized to meet needs of small and large companies that operate in any sphere of transportation industry. It includes:

  • ROI Reports
  • Mass Mailing
  • Multi-User Access
  • Customer Management
  • Rates DB & Auto Quotation
  • Automatic Templates

Secure and easy to use, Freight Assistant allows you to manage customer documentation including e-mails, Packing Lists, Delivery Lists, SED Forms and Bills of Landing.


FA offers Auto Quotation

Freight Assistant calculates shipment costs and provides visitors of your website with instant auto quotation. This feature uses rates database to include all discounts, customs and insurance charges in auto quotation.

It also sends automatic follow-ups, simplifies requests processing and reduces the human work involved in it.

FA includes Mass Mailing

Mass Mailing is a powerful tool for easy customer email relationship management. It allows you to send personalized e-mails in bulk to a targeted group of your customers, thus promoting your business and services.

Learn more about Mass Mailing from our Manual.

FA features ROI Reports

ROI Reports allow you to track return on your investments. They provide complete information about sources of your traffic and the percentage of visitors that actually convert to sales, thus ROI help to spend your advertising budget more wisely.
What else do FA Reports offer?