Freight Assistant uses module system to meet the needs of its diverse customers.  Our basic “Office” pack is available for only $750 per year! Additionally, optional modules can be ordered for functional reasons. Choose the option that suits your company’s needs best and order FA now!

Office Pack

  Module Time of Service Price  
1-10 workstations 12 months $750 Order Now!
One shipping form of your choice

If you need more than 10 workstations, please, contact us.

Additional Modules

  Module Time of Service Price  
ROI reports 12 months
$250 Order Now!
Mass Mailer
(5,000 e-mails per month)
12 months $250 Order Now!
Two or more shipping forms 12 months $250
(each new form)
Order Now!

If you want Mass Mailer with more than 5,000 e-mails per month capacity, please, contact us.

You can pay by credit card, PayPal or wire transfer.